1. Scribe

The Scribe plugin adds the functionality to your WordPress blog for seo purposes. It will help you understand what users are searching for, how they are seeing your content and finally helping you optimize your results. The seo tools that it provides can be very helpful if you know how to use them properly. If not, consider hiring an seo agency.

       2. SEOpressor

SEOpressor is a free seo tool that helps seo experts determine any keyword’s seo value based on its search result volume , competition level, social signals and seo score calculated by the plugin itself. This seo software offers over 40 different filters which can be used to identify keywords with specific seo characteristics. A great seo tool to use on a new site or one with limited content.

       3. WP-Optimize

The WP Optimize plugin is a free wordpress seo tool that helps you clean up your blog, remove spam and speed up your blog while increasing your search engine rankings. This seo specialist plugin allows you to clean out all of the extra data in WordPress easily without having it touch any of your posts or pages so things stay nice and neat. The best thing about this plugin though is that it allows you to choose just how much work it does by adding filters to the top of the list when cleaning up all of the junk left behind by other plugins after each update.

       4. All in One SEO Pack

The All-in-One-SEO plugin, developed by Michael Torbert of WordPress provides you with an easy way to add Meta tags and Meta titles to your wordpress blog. A great seo tool this plugin allows you to create custom post types which can help you avoid the possibility of duplicating keywords in urls or in content. Just remember that if you do use it, don’t overdo it when creating the meta description. This plugin can be set up to automatically generate meta tags for each page but just keep in mind that is might not be 100% correct all of the time so double check your work before saving or publishing anything.

       5. Rankmath

Rankmath is another free seo tool that provides keyword research for seo, discovery of relevant keywords and their seo value which you should be using in your content to achieve better search engine rankings. It also helps you detect low competition keywords with high seo values that other people are not using giving you an advantage over the competition. The best thing about Rankmath is that it can be used on any blog or website without having to install wordpress so if you have a site outside of wordpress, consider converting it just so you can use this great plugin.

       6. WordPress SEO by Yoast

A powerful wordpress seo plugin developed by Joost de Valk, owner of Yoast.com which allows you

This seo specialist plugin adds a nice little SEO Button to the top of your posts and pages, right under where you enter the title. The more seo tools that you can add to help users find your content, the better and this one helps with that by focusing on your titles and allowing you to check how many times it has been tweeted as well as other little things like word count for publishing purposes.

       7. SEO Friendly Images

This is another great seo tool to use alongside any schema markup that you have done on your website or blog because it lets search engines know if you are using structured markup properly or not through the use of alt text for each image that you add to posts, pages etc… The more information pointing back at your site the better so this wordpress seo tools should definitely be used.        There’s our list of 7 best seo tools for wordpress! Have you found any other wordpress plugins out there? Let us know in the comments below!