A little bit about us….

Our ‘about us’ page.



This is the bit where we define what it is that Online Creation actually is.

This is the bit that I struggle with for so many reasons.

We are a group of people who simply love the internet.  We geek out with SEO, share amazing ideas on how to create things online and generally live and breathe digital marketing and making cool things.

We are a team of digital marketing experts who love nothing more than helping businesses grow online. We offer a range of services including SEO, web design and PPC, all of which are aimed at helping businesses to achieve their goals and reach their target markets.

We are passionate about what we do and believe that we can make a real difference to businesses of all sizes.

Online Creation is 2-fold really.  Yes, we are a digital marketing agency who help local businesses get ranked in the search engines.

But we love teaching others how to do it themselves.

My personal passion is just helping others how to get things created and working online.  Am I consultant?  Not really, because I do not charge for my advice.  I just live for the game 🙂

The rest of us?  Waifs and strays who just happen to be experts in their own fields…and like to geek out with it all too!

So in a nutshell – hire us, or learn from and with us.  After so long in the game now…I think we all prefer the latter.