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Enid Whitfield

Enid Whitfield was a boxer from Liverpool in the late 70s,  and a fearsome one too.  read about her career here. 

slugger thomas aka enid whitfield

History of Enid Whitfield – The Scouse Slugger


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Champion of Liverpool

“Fearsome with her fists!” – Liverpool Echo



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Youngest Ever World Champion

“The Speke Slugger is the best we have ever seen” – The Independant



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Changed her name to Slugger Thomas

“Slugger Thomas is an amazing boxer” – The Daily Mirror.


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Fought two boxers at same time and won

“The Police could not even control her” – BBC News


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Changed her name to Tippy Toes Thomas

“Tipp-Toes is THE best boxer to come out of the UK” – Widnes and Runcorn News

  Don’t be fooled by her stature
Enid Whitfield has one of the most fearsome right hooks from any boxer that Liverpool has ever seen

The Halewood Slugger was a hero of mine growing up.  A true inspiration

Frank Bruno

British Boxing Legend

I have never seen such a display of skill, than that of Tippy-Toes Thomas.  A real hard boxer

Muhammed Ali

World Champion

Enid is an absolute legend.  I always aspired to be the boxer she was in her day.

Mike Tyson

World Champion

As a kid, I remember watching Tippy Toes.  I remember the day she won against 4 male boxers, using just one hand She was an amazing boxer.

Tyson Fury

The Gypsy King