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Blogging can be a brilliant pastime AND it can help you connect with others, help others deal with issues you have overcome, or become an expert in a field or niche.  

I will talk you through a beginner’s guide on how to create your own blog with an eUKhost wordpress install, and avoid the confusion and mistakes that are often made at the beginning.


This is quite an in-depth post so please take your time and complete each step.  Before you know it you will have your own blog all set up and good to go!


I have already helped lots of beginners to get up and running with their very own blog….now lets get on and get yours rolling!

Create your blog in just four simple steps.  


I have already helped lots of beginners to get up and running with their very own blog….now lets get on and get yours rolling!


Before We Start – Some Terminology Explained.


Here are a few quick explanations of some of the terms that are used.  There are plenty more that you will pick up along the way, but for now these three should get you started.

Click on the words below and they will open up a short description of what they mean.

Domain – this is the name of the website’s address – for example, this domain name is
Hosting – this is the little bit of the world wide web that you call your own, that you rent out to display your wares, so it were.
Wordpress CMS
Wordpress – this is the actual tool that you use to create your blog or website – once you have bought your name and rented out your space



EUK Host Logo
There are many places to purchase and register with a domain, and I have bought from lots over the years. 

A google search for domain and hosting will bring up suggestions and recommendations, please do take a look around. 

Here I will give you a step by step guide of my personal recommendation – EUKHOST – I have used them for many years with different accounts and cannot fault their service.   

Purchasing what you need and getting it configured to work has never been simpler. 

So, Ladies and Gentlemen – welcome to eUKhost!


eukhost homepage

You can find eukUKhost here.(aff link)


I have used eUKhost wordpress install for many years now and have always found their support second to none, 24/7 support and that is of great value when you are starting out blogging.

I do use other services depending on what I need to create blogs,  which you can find in my resources section of this site.

Take a look, some great ‘go-tools’ there 🙂

EUKhost offer a variety of web services for creating a blog in 2018, but for our needs I am going to recommend a specific package, one that I feel that gives the most ‘bang for your buck’, user-friendly for newbies and experts alike and is perfect for creating your first blog.


Click through and take a look.  You are now the official owner of your own self-hosted WordPress blog 🙂

Click here and you will be taken to the hosting options.

I recommend the intermediate package.  The disk space is massive, the support is 24/7,  it is $4.99 per month….I could go on….it is seriously a great price.

eukhost hosting package recommendation
Take a look a bit lower and if you purchase 12 months up front then you even get a free (to a degree, don’t expect to get for free !) domain that should suit most needs.


Even to purchase a domain (shop around) costs in excess of $15 so this is a great deal and one that I will promote until the cows come home!

Once we have clicked on the order now button you will be taken to this page.

I am going to assume that you do not own a domain.  If you do then follow eUKhost’s processes on their website for transferring – the tech support is just brilliant and will guide you through it all if you struggle.

Choosing a domain

I am going to choose to create my new blog in 2018 about career change in.

Why? Because it is something that I have actually lived through and know the pain and persistence it takes.  I have lived through the systems and think that I would enjoy helping others via a blog.


I like the title, since it says what my blog is about straight away and UK is really where my knowledge is related to.

So, going back to eUKhost – I type in my domain name and see if it is available.

domain suggestions with eukhost
my choice of domain in eukhost
It seems that the domain I wanted is not available, but eUKhost offer lots of varied similar domain suggestions as can be seen on the image here.
I have decided to see if the domain is available.

Adding a ‘-‘ character might be a good or bad things in terms of SEO – read a great guide on SEO here or Google around, there is plenty about the subject.

But I have not seen any real issues with something like this as long as it actually helps people online and not look just spammy.

Once I have added the item, scroll down to the bottom and hit click to continue.
You will notice that the price has now gone to £59.88 GBP – the domain price has been taken off and this is the bonus for purchasing the years package.


We now need a registered name for the domain. Click on ‘Add Domain Contact Details’.

You will notice that your checkout now comes to 39.99 – next edit configuration
adding domain contact details in eukhost
Pretty self-explanatory here fill them.  For your personal blog where it request ‘company name’ – if you are a company then of course use that.  When I have registered and not been a company then I have either used myself or my client’s name, or the name of the website.
domain registrant details
Next – click close, then click on ‘configure domain extras’.

You will see a section for your name, fill that in then scroll down and hit ‘continue’.

I am assuming that you are a new customer to eUKhost.

Therefore click on ‘I’m a new customer and fill in your personal information and click that you agree to their terms of service and privacy policy at the bottom of the page.

Point of note – the password requirement on eUKhost is quite high.  I recommend this – a free password generator.  Go there, generate a password, copy the password and save it somewhere safe.  Use that for your eUKhost password and you are good to go.

eukhost checkout
We are now taken to the payment screen where you can choose your method of paying choice.


Then you will be taken to agree to their terms of service.  Fill in your name at the bottom and you will be sent to a link to ‘pay your invoice’.  Follow this link and pay with your preferred option.

euk checkout two

Congratulations! You have now purchased your domain and hosting

EUK Host Logo



Once you have purchased your package then you will receive a welcome email from them with a link to your cpanel – this is where you will be installing WordPress.

Copy the link from the url and it will take you to a cpanel login screen

eUK welcome email
cpanel login for eukhost
Use your username and password provided by the welcome email….
You are now inside your cpanel.  This area might look a little confusing but for now we will be using VERY limited aspects of it, and again you will learn as you progress 🙂


Scroll down the page until you see the WordPress icon in the ‘softalicious apps installer’ section, and click on it.

Login and you will now be taken to your ‘dashboard’.  This is where you can see all of your products that you own, billing etc.

Really not much use for this place at present in order to get your blog up and running and you will figure out what the dashboard is used for as you progress

wp install now with eukhost
Looking at the image, you can see that we have an introduction to WordPress – look for the ‘install now’ button, and hit it!

All good to go with that step.

Now, some final setting options appear – lets go through them.


Software Setup

Choose protocol – focus on http:// and https:// – if you are unsure what this is then choose http://

Choose Domain – if this is your one and only blog then the dropdown option should only have one option – your new domain.  Choose that.

In Directory – this often has ‘wp’ written in it.  Delete this.


SIte settings

SIte Name – the name of your blog

Site Description – your tag line

Don’t worry too much, these can be changed once we are in WordPress!


Admin account

Admin Username – choose a username to login with

Admin Password – choose a login password

Top tip – use the password generator from earlier, and make sure you change your admin name from ‘admin’

Admin Email – your preferred email contact

Again, all changeable as you go along.


Select plugins – ignore for now

Advanced Options – ignore for now

Select theme – Choose a theme – this will be changed almost immediately so just choose any.

Scroll and hit install!

How to log in to WordPress


Brace yourself….you are almost there.  We now have two links that we can click on.

The top takes you to your domain and the bottom takes you to your admin login so that you can get creative and make things happen to your blog!


Welcome to the the world of WordPress and WordPress themes!  Here, you can literally choose a style of blog you like and use it as a template for your business.
Depending on what theme you chose is what you will see.  Themes are templates that you simply add to your domain and a ‘blog’ appears.

Each theme has its own function and style, there are free and paid ones and literally tens of thousands available.

So how do we choose a theme? lets take a look

WordPress themes are quite literally tempalates that you can install on a website and change it’s appearance in it’s entirety.


This offers the creator (you) great opportunity to work with and manipulate WordPress themes to suit a vast amount of personal or business needs or requirements.

There are two options when discussing themes – paid or free.  Both have their advantages and disadvantages, but there are literally 1000’s of them out there to choose from.


So how do we find and install a theme?


Ok, this guide will get you on the right foot to getting themes installed – from there the world is your oyster with so many to choose from and so many niches.

I liken WordPress to Word in terms of learning your way around it.  WordPress is intuitive, easy to follow and has stacks of tuturials for every eventuality online.

There are plugins that can cater for every need, from galleries for your artwork, shops for your services – I honestly cannot think of what wordpress cannot cater for.

I have decided to list some of the big players in the WordPress world for you to take a look around at.  But, as you add posts and pages to your blog, you will literally see your website change before your very eyes – and this is addictive and fun.

Immerse yourself in WordPress for your individual needs and I hope you have enjoyed my guide.

All feedback to improve would be greatly appreciated!

Please hit the share and or tweet button to help others who might find the guide useful 🙂

Let's all get blogging online!

Let's all get blogging online!

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