We are at the beginning of our logo creation journey, and probably the most heard of image creation software is Photoshop. Most people have probably heard of it, but how many have actually used it….or aware of the (very hefty) price tag that comes with it?


Whenever I speak to people who are at the beginning of their online journey..often they have an idea or a plan of what they want to do. But they are hit at the stumbling block that is their logo.
Of course, your logo needs to represent you and your business, and people can (and should be) passionate about what is representing their business.

And I totally understand that. When you start your business, you want to show people what you are doing. You want the world to look at it and be impressed.
Then we hit the first challenge. We are not even trained in Photoshop, let alone graphic design. We may be lucky and have unlimited funding to kick ideas around a board room of designers and forward thinkers. I am not and most people who I speak to are not.

Fear not! There are now some amazing options that can put you right in the driving seat of your logo creation.