Keyword Research for SEO

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Keyword Research

Keyword research is the process of establishing what words users type into search engines, what words are relevant to your industry or niche, and how you can focus on these words to help people find your website and your content.

Doing keyword research well will give you crystal clear insight into what your users are searching for, what words they are using, what information they require and how to get your content to the users – and improving your visitor volume of your website.

Keywords research helps website users to come up with a list of keywords that a website would like to rank for- a keyword list.

To actually get a keyword list, owners of websites would need to focus on their niche or business area, targeting their desired audiences, and where and how they are using search engines.

Establishing what search terms that users are using to find information or products that their own websites are offering.

Keyword research is an on-going process as technologies develop – to do this well, you will need to stay on top of changing trends and keep up to date with popular platforms and communities.

In order to establish what keywords are being searched, or how often…there are lots of methods..and this is truly an art in itself.

For solid keyword research, I would recommend one of the industry’s strongest SEO marketing software – SEMRush.  It is industry standard in most major SEO agencies, and for good reason.  Do your own research, by all means – but SEMRush will come back at you again and again as an industry leader.

We can establish exactly what people are typing into the search engines – and exactly HOW MANY people are doing this.

Keyword research will show you locations, volume, what they are looking for (information, guides, products) – all so you can make sense of what your website should be displaying, and how.

Entering your industry’s topics will bring up some interesting details

For this example, I will imagine that I am a web designer in London, UK.

So, I enter my niche of interest, and right away you can see that SEMRush gives me the search volume.  Search volume is the average number of times a specific search query is entered on a search engine per month – a pretty useful number to know for your industry, as you can imagine!

As you can see, there are also some great metrics available such as keyword variations, related keywords, and a whole host if questions surrounding keywords possible.

There are a lot of other keyword research tools around, so please do look around – but SEMRush is an amazing choice that will get you head-and -shoulders ahead of your keyword research game, and is one that I personally use daily for all clients that I work with.

Some other great keyword research tools are –

  • Ubersuggest
  • Keywords Everywhere

When considering keyword research – dig as deep as you can, as this is the basis on which you will get the majority of your visitors to your websites.

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