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I am an SEO onine marketing freelancer who has spent time working both within digital marketing agencies and in a freelance capacity.

I have worked with individual companies and quite a few projects inbetween.

Now, I  work closely with a smaller client-base in Merseyside to make sure that your on-page and off-page SEO is fit for purpose.

Local Search engine optimisation (SEO) is quickly becoming more important and staying on top of it can be a challenge, with the ever-changing search engine algorithms.  I stay on top of current trends so we can keep your business at the top of the rankings.

SEO services in Merseyside

SEO – Local SEO Services

I have worked with a broad range of services, local builders, plumbers, and also on national chains in the form of SEO.

Now I want to focus on a smaller amount of accounts, that is because then I can truly immerse myself in your niche industry and see what works in the SEO field.


Straight-forward and clear SEO guidance

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Target PPC, research-driven keywords, gain more online exposure

Learning the digital marketing landscape, then learning to roll with the ever-changing methods is what it is all about with online marketing .

Find your customers in the right places - be it social media, forums, via Google searches or wherever they are.  Get connected!

We will establish exactly on what and where your customer masses hang out, and engage with them on behalf of your business using current trends and best practices specific to your business.