Why I blog, learn, create and spend way too much time inside the world wide web

I have been immersed in blogging/digital marketing/SEO since around 2004. I first got the bug when I just had the urge to learn something ,’techy’.

I started with a simple blog and before long it started getting visitors.  That was in the good old days of just putting it out there and Google showing it.

Things have moved on somewhat. But I have loved every step of the journey and helped countless businesses, friends and acquaintances learn and get their own stuff online.

But what is it all that has kept me hooked for so long?

Let’s delve into my own reasons for my internet marketing addiction

The opportunities to learn are endless.

Ten reasons why I love blogging.

Blogging for me acts somewhere between an obsessiom and a hobby in which I can express myself and learn at the same time. It gives me the opportunity to ‘meet’ or mix with virtually, other bloggers and like-minded people who share my pasisons.

1. Writing:

Blogging for me is writing in public, why in public? Because there are millions of people who could potentially read what I write here. Maybe not right now or even this year, but it is there forever for people to read. Read my words!! That alone really excites me.

2. Sharing:

I like to share things that make me happy, things I have discovered and love, things that interest me and others. I do this in my ‘real life’ – often boring my friends and family with stuff that I have picked up around the internet.

Often my friends are the ones who start the conversations, with an interest in what it is that I do. It is a great feeling when people actually are interested in something that you are so passionate about. My wife and kids may disagree that it is all that exciting though 🙂

3. Meeting bloggers:

Blogging has opened many doors for me to meet their fellow bloggers online through Twitter, Instagram and other social networking sites. It is a massive community, and one that is always full of fun people and interesting new topics.

4. Learning:

I love learning. I am an avid regular buyer of Udemy courses – I have even started making a few there now!

Blogging always makes you want to learn more, how to improve the quality of articles, writing better articles with valuable information etc… There are so helpful websites out there nowadays where you can glean some amazing education.

And it is not just about the topic at hand. Learning involves some quite technical stuff like WordPress, SEO and graphic design. All the fun of learning when on your blogging journey!

5. Having a voice:

Blogging gives you the opportunity to have your own voice, your opinions and reasons why you love or hate something. And as it is my blog – then I can use it just as I wish. I have a passion for SEO and digital marketing, so I blog about it and teach others what I know.

I genuinely get a thrill from showing others how to market online.

6. Sharing connections:

When I started blogging it was really about making new friends and connections in an industry I loved so much – technology. Today, I am still making those same friendships despite the fact that we live all over the world. It really does amaze me how strong these online relationships can get especially when there is such a common interest between us all 🙂

I think this is one of the true wonders of the world. The power that the internet has given us, that of connectivity. We can find people with interests to suit all tastes and passions.

7. Blogging is fun:

I love to blog, it gives me the opportunity to express myself and talk about what I believe in. It has made me meet like-minded people who share similar interests. And it’s just plain old fun! 🙂

8. Becoming more social:

Blogging has enabled me to become more socially interactive than I may have been without doing so, particularly with my passion for technology and digital marketing. Social networking sites are all about engaging with others – people want you to engage with them on topics they too are interested in – why would they follow someone who does not interest them at all? So blogging helps me be part of this great community of internet users out there 🙂

9. For fun reasons too:

Blogging about just anything can be fun, but what I like is to write articles that help people in some way – maybe by entertainment reasons for others, but to convey an educational message alongside the fun post. It’s all about engaging with readers and building a rapport. 🙂

10. Meeting other bloggers:

I love meeting other bloggers who share the same passion as me – technology! Those connections are always rewarding and sometimes even without realising it could lead to new opportunities in your own blogging journey.

In the last decade online I have been to physical meet ups, worked with some amazing people (and still do!!) and all through the passion of blogging.

These are not the only reasons why I love blogging – in fact they are just a snippet into why I love the game. Come play, you will love it too!