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Everyone is using the internet now to find information and services.  When users search for services, there are no mistakes that results are put in front of them.  These businesses have been put there intentionally, so they can find new customers and the customer can find their service.   This is SEO – Search Engine Optimisation.

Search Engine Optimisation by Online Creation


All of the major search engines – Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc have a ‘front page’ – the page that is displayed first to the users.


These results are ‘search engine results’or SERPS – Search Engine Results Page, and are a collection of what the search engines believe is the most relevant information based on what the user has typed in.


So, if someone were to type in ‘hairdressing tips for weddings’ (for example), then the user will be presented with hints and tips on their chosen topic.

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How can SEO help with businesses?

With people using web searches as their primary method of information, businesses need a website that gets in front of their potential customers. 

We offer SEO services.  We will establish what people are searching for when they are looking for your services online.  Then we will work with you to make sure that all has been done to give your website the best chance of being seen by potential customers.