Website Analysis Report

Want to see how your website is functioning in the eyes of the search engines?

What is an SEO Assessment?


An SEO assessment brings to light any potential parts of your website that might be lagging, to improve your chances of ranking higher in the search engines (SERPS).
The process involves an audit of your website and, if needed, can identify opportunities that can optimise and improve your website for search engine spiders (bots).

By using an SEO analysis, you can discover which aspects of your website are working from an SEO perspective, what are not and what are your biggest chances for your website to improve your ranking.

Why conduct an SEO Assessment?


The feedback and information gained from an SEO assessment will give you the direction on how you can improve your website – both the content that visitors can see AND the technical aspects that can be bettered to give your users an overall improved experience. Also, to provide search engines the ability to give internet users the best information that they can, a better quality experience.

In short – an SEO assessment is essential to improve your website’s ranking, gain more visitors and ultimately grow your business.

Using an SEO assessment, you take the guess-work out of what is required to improve your website

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