Welcome to SEO!

This guide was set up to introduce you to the world of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).  

This is a guide that will talk you through each aspect of SEO – but to get the most out of it then you really need to roll up your sleeves and implement the information you are being presented with.  To truly ‘get to grips’ with SEO, there is no document or guide out there that can ever truly replace anything than getting stuck in and actually doing what you are learning.  

But where do you start? Right here 🙂

This guide will cover all of the topics of SEO that you will come across – learning what words are typed into the search engines (keywords) – right through to working out how to utilise this knowledge to improve your own website.  We will look at aspects such as site speed, mobile-friendly approaches and all things in-between. 

SEO is simply not something that can truly be learned at college or university.  It is a fast-paced industry and one that is constantly changing.  By the time a syllabus was written to study at university, many of the topics will already have changed, so staying on top of SEO is paramount if you want to succeed in this game.  

But, the basics are there for you to freely learn, and even knowing the basics can put you head and shoulders in front of your competitors. 

Get the basics down, put some of your knowledge to into practical use and before you know it you will become (at least) proficient of the ways of SEO and improving websites for search engines. 

Learning SEO from the beginning. 

We will break these ‘basics’ into smaller, digestible chunks for you to