What is SEO?

How can SEO help my website?

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What is SEO & How it Helps Your Website


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Think about it – when you use the search engines – they will find the best information that they can to you, so you are happy and in the knowledge that you have found what you are looking for.

The information that they provide is often chosen from vast amounts of information all over the net, to give you the best UX (User Experience). That is the job of the search engines, and they are constantly improving and evolving.

Search engines find information by using ‘bots’ – imagine how spiders crawl along their webs, along all of the connecting threads of the web – that is exactly how bots work.

They ‘crawl’ through the internet, picking up pieces of information, storing it (this is called ‘indexing’), and then deciding what information users are looking for. This ‘crawling and indexing’ is how search engines become aware of the content on websites – on YOUR website/blog.

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OK – So I understand the concept of crawling and indexing – what does it have to do with my website?

There are various ways to get traffic (visitors) to your website – paid advertising, social media, forums – but for the most, website traffic comes from search engines.  Ignoring search engine traffic is simply a bad move.

SEO, done right, will reap your website rewards far beyond any traffic that you can get through any of the above mentioned tactics.

Working out what search engines (and more importantly, users) are looking for is paramount to getting your website a steady and ever-increasing flow of users.

Making your website ‘SEO-friendly’ so that search engines know what your website is all about is how you will achieve long-term success online.

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In fact, search engines actually WANT YOU TO SUCCEED and achieve good SEO on your website.

With the correct information to hand, search engines can easily decide what information to provide to the user.

Search engines even have their own ‘SEO Guides’ – guidelines to what they are specifically looking for when searching for information.

Think about it, improving your SEO on your website will in turn improve their overall services and functioning.  Win-win.

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