An Awesome List Of Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas To Give You Inspiration

Are you seeking lifestyle blog post ideas? We have put together a list – for your inspiration 🙂

What is a lifestyle blog?

A lifestyle blog is a blog that relates to a certain aspect of life – usually something that the blogger is passionate about or has experience in, their interests and day to day activities.

Lifestyle blogs are inspirational to the readers, and offer great information to readers seeking information about a whole host of topiics – there is probably a lifestyle blog that covers just about every topic you can imagine.

The creators of lifestyle blogs make sure that they are easy to ready, captivate their audience by giving immense detail about the topic or interest that is at hand.

So, a lifestyle blog post could talk about what it is like to choose a life being alcohol-free, the life of a marathon runner addict, exloring the world of 3d printing – or just about any suject that can consume a person’s life – so a pretty big window of options are right there!

Why would you create a lifestyle blog post

Firstly, how would you create a lifestyle blog post?

Well, that is two questions really…

The technical side – how to actually get it online

Often, people have their heads full of great ideas on how to create a lifestyle blog – but are put off as they are not ‘techical’ people.
If you are one of those people – PLEASE, PLEASE do not be put off by this bit!

In fact, you can follow our simple course on how to start a blog here –

How to start a blog

OK, there are aspects to learn – but the learning curve really is not that difficult, and once you have figured them out (step-by-step) then you will have the knowledge of how to go forth and get your words out there.

Follow the guide and before you know it, you will be well on to your way to making your first lifestyle blog post.

What do you actually write in the content?

Once you have picked your topic or subject – if you do it right and just follow your heart – this will really be the easy and fun bit.
Blogging allows you to communicate your thoughts through words, images and videos all through the wonderful world wide web. You will find like-minded people from all over the world just like you – and it is sooo much fun connecting. You will see 🙂

How to find lifestyle blog post ideas

Depending on your interest or niche – you will already know what makes similar-minded people’s minds tick. You will already know what interests they have because you are already there!

Inspirational lifestyle blog post ideas


Parenting lifestyle blog ideas

Share your family organising tips

Let people know how you organise things like your food plans, days out, how you budget on a family – with families starting all of the time – there is sure to be plenty that you have experienced with your own familys that you can share within a family lifestyle blog post.

Review a product that your child owns

Review blog posts are a great idea for lifestyle blogs – there are always people out there who are looking to purchase items that your child already owns, and would like to get the low-down from your child’s views on whatever it is they own – their favourite toys or things that keep them occupied.

Book & reading lifestyle blog post ideas

Share with people why you started reading,

Explain your love of reading books. What is it that you like about reading? Getting lost in the world of words? Having your own time to explore an amazing world that you can interpret in your own way? Maybe the feeling of actually holding the book, and finding out what is inside the mind of the author? Whatever your reason for your passion, writing a blog about it is sure to gain interest online.

Interview an author

Authors love talking about their books and are usually very forth-coming if you reach out to them. It will give their readers a great insight into the person behind the book, and it will also give the author some great exposure – win-win!

Write a blog post about your favourite book-to-screen transformation

Compare the stories, what was missing and what was added. My favourite is the Harry Potter series (the book versions). There are just sooo many more characters and background stories that just could not be fitted into the films.

Fashion lifestyle blog post ideas

Favourite fitness wear

Gym-goers love their gadgets and clothes. Let them know what your favourite style is when you hit the gym. From running shoes to training suits and all in-between

Holiday clothing outfits

What is the latest style for going on your holidays? What clothing fits in well with your holiday destinations? Fashion-conscious readers love to hear about what they should be packing in their suitcases, for that perfect outfit and must-have accessory. Blog about it!

Review a specific fashion that is trending

Fashion ideas for festivals

When it is festival time – what is the ‘in’ look? From wellies to hats, and everything in-between. People like to make a statement when they are at festivals, look cool and also have an element of being practical about it all.

How to copy a celebrity fashion look on a budget

Seasonal outfits – spring, summer, autumn and winter wear

Review of a fashion event that is happening right now

Mental health lifestyle blog post ideas

The signs and symptoms of a specific mental illness

Mental health is a growing awareness – and this is only a great thing. Acceptance of mental health issues, education and awareness is a topic that many people can related to.

A personal story about your experience with mental health issues

People go through all manners of mental health issues throughout their lives, and it can be a very lonely place to be. By sharing your own life story and experiences, this can help someone ‘normalise’ or understand their own situation.

A lifestyle blog post about self care

Blog about current mental health resources

With mental health awareness being so prevalent, there are many resources for specific, individual mental health needs – such as mind, The Alcohol Off Switch, The National Suicide Prevention Alliance – there are some great resources out there. Create a blog post listing them, maybe by specific need or even by targeted location. You could review them and describe what services are available.

Create a travel blog post

The top ten best beaches from around the world

How to entertain yourself on long-haul flights

Advice and tips for travelling with children

Top tips for your first cruise would make great reading for a lifestyle blog

A blog post about a specific location, and what to do there


Family lifestyle blog posts

First day at school photograph ideas

Great family days out

Techniques that have worked with home-schooling

A lifestyle blog post about being a stay at home parent

A blog post of what to expect as a parent when your child starts school

Money-saving blog posts

How to live on a shoe string

From finding where to get the cheapest deals on food and weekly shopping, learning how to be spend-thrifty when buying for family essentials, learning how to plan and save – living on minimal money is a hot topic and something that is highly searched for – give people the chance to hear how you survive and live without breaking the bank.

Cheapest deals online blog post

We all love a great deal. When deciding to make a purchase, we often head online for comparisons and to find the best deals we can get. Creating a lifestyle blog post about online cheapest deals will be like moths to a lightbulb if you fill your blog with the newest and best deals. Plus, quite often this is a great way to make money from your own blog with affiliate marketing commissions.

Make a blog about healthy lifestyle choices and ways to cut the costs

Ways to earn extra income

Create a blog about buying a car on a budget

Top tips for travelling on a budget

How to use DIY in your life to save money

Are you DIY-savvy? I am not! I personally love to read about how to do things for myself, from putting up shelves, learning how to be creative with my own surroundings – and so do many others. Maybe your passion is making your own furniture, or transforming your garden. Let the world know, offer them inspiration by blogging about it.


Career changer blog posts

career changing blog post ideas

Career paths are often not chosen, but more ‘fell into’. Have you found yourself in the same position ever? What did you do? How did you transition from one career to another? Share your journey so that readers can learn from your experiences.

Healthy living blog post ideas

healthy living blog post ideas

Blog ideas for low carb diets

Diet and losing weight is a very popular topic. Maybe you have been living a healthy lifestyle following a low-carb diet and love the feeling that it has brought with it. Share it with the world, share tips on what worked for you and what did not.

Blog about your muscle-building lifestyle

Are you a muscle-bound hero? If so, how did you get there? Or maybe you are setting out a lifestyle goal and working your way to be more muscular. You could create an awesome lifestyle blog post about your journey from where you are to where you want to be.

Write a lifestyle blog that includes your fitness regime

An alcohol free lifestyle blog

Top tips to achieve your goals for a healthy life

Blog about various supplements that you have found beneficial to your health

Food-inspired blog post ideas

lifestyle blog post ideas for foodies

Review a diet plan
Blog about a foreign delicacy
Create a blog post about making meals from scratch – without pre-made ingredients
Review a chef
Blog about a restaurant – or even a chain restaurant
create a blog post about an interesting seasonal recipe
How to perfect a given dish – the perfect yorkshire pudding maybe? (I would definitely read that!)


Ok, we hope that you now have some inspiration with all of these lifestyle blog post ideas. Now, go forth and get your message out there 🙂

When you have created your lifestyle blogs – be sure to come back and share it with us, we would love to hear all about what how fantastic you live your lives!


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